Gadaa System Still Lives

June 8, 2016

The Gadaa System was a unique method of governance that was pushed aside and forced into the background. Many now feel that is a good option to help Ethiopia gain true democracy without the violence and oppression now synonymous with the regime.

We will be introducing a great deal of factual information on this regal system of leadership in the coming weeks and months. Here are a few videos to start your learning!

We are grateful for the help of Mardaasa Addisu. Welcome to the team!



Haaji Mormor-Seenaa Odaa Bultum

 From Qeeryo

1.      Abaa Seena Haaji Mormor Odaa Rooba wagaa 3666 duuraa Odaa Rooba jiraa jedhanii.

·         Aakaa beeksisanii, Odaa 5

 Odaa Rooba  – Qaptii 250

Odaa Baasil- Qaptii 300

Odaa Ulee- Qaptii 350

Odaa Naabe- Qaptii 450

Odaa Bultum qabxii 450+50=500

 2.      Boranaa irraa (Maccafa Obbo Ibrahim Amae Elemo¹)

 Gumii Sirrichoo Leye

Gumii Simphira Balal

Gumii El dalloo

Gumii Gaayoo

¹The Roles of Traditional Institutions Among The Borana Oromo, Southern Ethiopia

                             III.            Oromo Traditional manufacturing/processing Salt Mines

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